about us

The Village Music Project, initially hosted at Salford University is now independent and privately funded.

The project is headed up by John Adams and Chris Partington and is staffed entirely by volunteers.

The project was conceived by John Adams and Chris Partington who are both active in seeking, copying and evaluating manuscripts. Chris takes responsibility for checking transcriptions prior to web publishing.

Transcriptions have been undertaken by:

Barry Callaghan (RIP)
John Bagnall
Cherri Graebe
Flos Headford
Chris Partington
Taz Tarry
Simon Wilson
Hugh Taylor
Peter Donk
Charles Menteith

Additional analysis and comment have been provided by Paul Roberts.

Scores of people have contributed information, advice and acted as tune and manuscript detectives.

John Adams, Chris Partington and Paul Roberts play many of the VMP tunes for dancing in their country dance bands 'Our Northern Branch' and 'Tenterhooks'.