Robert Harrison Ms Restoration Fund

The manuscript laid down by the Rev. Robert Harrison of Temple Sowerby provides a particularly rich picture of social music in North West England in the early 19th century. It was transcribed into abc by Simon Wilson and a great deal of research was undertaken by the late Barry Callaghan. The book, discovered by Chris Metherell, has been restored and presented to the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library as a memorial to Barry Callaghan.

The Doc Rowe Collection

The Doc Rowe Collection is an important archive of film, video, audio, photographs and ephemera relating to the traditional culture of the British Isles.

Francis Boutle Publishers

Francis Boutle publish two relevant books. One is a paperback reprint of George Deacon's marvellous book John Clare and The Folk Tradition. Poet John Clare collected much traditional music and song during the 18th century and the book includes Marion Ross's interpretations and transcriptions of Clare's handwritten books of dance tunes.

The second book is Step Change, a series of essays, edited by Georgina Boyes, presenting new perspectives on some aspects of traditional dance. This gives invaluable background to some of the music with which we are dealing in our project.


Tradtunes is a Yahoo discussion list for people interested in this sort of music. It's run by John Adams and regular contributors include Village Music Project researchers and associates.

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John of the Green -The Cheshire Way: the definitive collection of 3/2 hornpipes - indispensable.

Colonial Dancing: Early American Secular Music and Its European Sources, 1589–1839

The Colonial Music Institute: Dance Figures Index: English Country Dances, 1650-1833

The Dancing Master, 1651-1728