Goulding & D'Almaine's Twenty-Four Country Dances For the Year 1826
With proper Figures and Directions to each DANCE Performed at Almack's Bath and all Public Assemblies London Printed by Goulding & A'Dalmaine, No.20 Soho Sq. & to be had of I.Willis,7,Westm.d St. Dublin


Title (as spelt) Meter Key Notes
The Huntsman's Chorus 2/4 C  
Agnes 2/4 C  
??? Missing title 2/4 G Probably 'For A' That'
Le Solitaire 6/8 C  
O' Twine a Wreath 2/4 G  
Giovinetto Cavalier 6/8 G  
Der Freischutz Waltz 3/4 C  
Casper's Song 2/4 G  
Lucy Dear 2/4 D  
Faustus 6/8 D  
William Tell 6/8 F  
Captain Clapperton 2/4 C  
???Half missing title 2/4 F  
Algiers Waltz 3/8 F  
The Enterprize 6/8 A  
The Fly-Flappers 2/4 D  
Anatomie Vivante 6/8 Bb  
Old Ebony 2/4 Bb  
The Crusaders 2/4 C  
Walldamoor 6/8 Am  
The Infant Lyra 2/4 Eb  
La Neige 6/8 F  
Two titles missing