The Tenth Book for the Year 1782 Fourteen Favourite Cotillons and Country Dances with their Proper Figures Humbly Dedicated to the Nobility & Gentry Subscribers to the Pantheon by Thomas Budd / Price 1s.6d


London, Printed & Sold by John Rutherford, at his Music Warehouse in St. Martins Court, Leicester Square.

NB. Mr Budd & Son provides Music for Balls & Assemblies at the Shortest Notice, Resides at Richmond in the Summer & at No.20 Hemmings Row in the Winter.


Title (as spelt) Meter Key Notes
Rural Hospitality 2/4 G  
Le Buffon 6/8 D  
Le Caprice de Galates 6/8 E  
Miss Rowley's Fancy 2/4 F  
La Felicite 4/4 G  
The Levee 2/4 D  
La Fete Animee 2/4 D  
The Pleasures of Youth 6/8 C  
The Village Ball 2/4 D  
Les Bons Amies 6/8 D  
Ninnette a la Cour 2/4 A  
La Rose Buttonee or the Rose Bud 6/8 D  
Miss Fanny Lockwoods Delight 6/8 A  
Lady Waldegraves Fancy 6/8 G